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Browns, HACKNEY, London

Browns private mens clubs is located in the Shoreditch neighbourhood in East London, easily accessible from the following tube stations: Aldgate, Old Street and Liverpool Street.

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  • We offer classic homemade brasserie fayre alongside exciting seasonal creations, with fresh market fish delivered daily and steak from cows reared on our own sustainable farms.

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  • Club Details Address 1, Hackney Rd London E2 Telephone 020 7739 3970 Web site E mail Hours Monday to Wednesday 1pm to 1am Thursday to Saturday 1pm to 2am Entrance Free Type of dancing Full nude on stage Full nude in private Cost £1 per show minimum jug contribution Private dances £10 until 5pm £15 later Number of girls 6 to 12 per shift Dancer information Recruitment Direct ring the pub Auditions By arrangement after an interview House fees £20 to £65 depending on shift Commissions None Author: Saxon Strip-magazine.

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